A Promise Kept

Real Estate

After their house sat on the market, unsold, for a year, Adam and Kristi’s listing expired as did their hope of selling their home.  Their one wish was to move their family into a better school district, but it looked like that dream would go unfulfilled.

We contacted Adam and Kristi after a client referred us to them.  Because their listing had recently expired, they had already been hounded by Realtors soliciting the listing.  “What will you do differently?” Adam asked skeptically.  We explained that we’ll price their home to generate activity and offers and to SELL – not to sit.  We explained that the price of their home could not be based on what they wanted, but rather on what the market dictates.  When we told Adam and Kristi we’d rather not take their listing unless it is priced correctly, they asked us to meet with them.  Twenty-nine days later, Adam and Kristi stopped wishing and started packing!  


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