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Here’s a quick note to let you know how we can help you or anyone you feel comfortable introducing to us.
Late last year, we got a call from a dear client who had sold her home through us about 10 years ago and purchased a new one.  She called with the sad news that she was divorcing and was afraid she would need to sell her current home.  We knew she really wanted to stay.  She had lovingly remodeled every corner of the home, transformed the yard into a Garden of Eden, and this was the only home her son had ever known.  It occurred to us that, with today’s low interest rates, there was a possibility she could refinance, take out some of the equity to pay off her ex, and still afford to make the payments on the new loan and stay in her home.
We introduced her to one of our favorite mortgage brokers, someone who has helped many of our clients buy or refinance their home, Dan Keyes with San Diego Funding (619-665-3988).  He managed to get her a loan at a great interest rate that, even with the additional loan amount because of the equity used to settle with the husband, had smaller payments than she was making.  Now, she won’t have to sell!

If you or someone you know needs help with either buying or selling,

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