Catherine Gets to Be Grandma FULLTIME!

Real Estate


Catherine was ready to move from her home in Florida to be closer to her children and grandchildren here in San Diego. We were referred to her by one of her children who wanted her move to be as painless as possible. First, we educated Catherine on the San Diego market and what would make the most sense for her in terms of proximity to her children and affordability. After many months of communicating with her, she called to let us know her home was in escrow, and she was ready to make the move. Because we had taken the time to familiarize Catherine with her options, she had narrowed her search to very specific areas and was ready to “jump” when the right property came on the market. When it did, we wrote an offer for her, and despite multiple offers, secured the winning bid! Had she not understood the market and pricing, she may have missed out on that home and had to make temporary living arrangements and put her furniture in storage. Instead, she was able to move in immediately and her move was seamless.

If you know of someone from out of state who wants the same level of service we gave Catherine, we are ready and available. We have 38 combined years of experience and would love to put that to work for you.





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