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Real Estate

Due to a job change, Troy, Sarah and their three children were relocating to our area from out of state.  Troy was already here and working; Sarah and the children would arrive after their current home sold.  Unfortunately, their house had been on the market for four months, the listing had just expired, and the family was nowhere close to reuniting. 

We’d heard about Troy from his coworker who’s a client of ours, and who had called to ask if we could help.  When we met with Troy, it was easy to see he was very discouraged.  We offered to help him find a more aggressive realtor in his former neighborhood, someone who might be more successful in finding a buyer.  He took us up on it!  Two days later Troy and Sarah signed a new listing agreement, and 12 days later their house sold.  Now the family is reunited and we’re shopping for the perfect home!



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