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Kyle and Allie contacted us after finding us online more than 2 years ago.  They had moved back east in 2004 for a job relocation, but had been longing to return ever since.  There were many hurdles to overcome – selling their home in Atlanta, planning a wedding, securing job transfers…  Well, finally it all started to come together – wedding behind them, Atlanta home sold, and jobs lined up.
On a solo weekend visit to attend a wedding, Allie saw a home she knew was The One.  With the holidays coming up and both Kyle and Allie wrapping up their east coast positions, it wasn’t feasible for Kyle to return to view the home or be here for the inspections, etc.  So, we acted as their eyes and ears, making numerous visits to the property, taking photos, attending inspections, meeting contractors, as well as making special arrangements to enable a closing from afar.  Today Kyle and Allie are living their dream – in a beautiful home on a cul-de-sac, 2 miles from the Pacific!


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