Sunny Days & Cozy Nights in Encinitas


Encinitas lies along some of southern California’s most beautiful coastline with its six miles of breathtaking Pacific Ocean views and 11 public beaches. It is located in the northern coastal area of San Diego County, and is embraced by the Batiquitos Lagoon to the north, just south of Carlsbad, and the San Elijo Lagoon to the south with Solana Beach beyond.

The City of Encinitas was founded over 100 years ago but was only recently incorporated in 1986. This drew together 5 different communities that still take pride in their own distinct personalities: "Historic Encinitas" lies along the Highway 101 corridor that parallels the beautiful beaches and ocean; "New Encinitas" centers around El Camino Real, where one can find numerous shopping centers, medical offices, and other amenities; "Cardiff-by-the-Sea", the only community with its own postal zip code, is mostly made up of quaint homes dotting the hillsides overlooking the sea; "Leucadia" is famous for its laid back atmosphere, its giant eucalyptus trees that line the main thoroughfare on the Coast Highway, and its prime surf spots. "Olivenhain" (which means "olive grove" in German) is home to numerous horse trails, larger estates, and a more rural way of life.

Some of the attractions Encinitas is famous for include the historic La Paloma Theater, built in 1928 and one of the first theatres to show “Talkies”; the Self-Realization Fellowship which sits atop 17 acres of the prime oceanfront real estate; Quail Botanical Gardens, featuring over 35 acres of landscape and garden exhibits and dedicated to the conservation of rare and endangered plants; Swami’s surf break, known for its well shaped waves.


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