The Beaches of Encinitas - Beacon’s Beach


Beacon’s Beach in Encinitas is technically “South Leucadia State Beach” because it is the southern beach access of this state park, but this state-owned and city-run beach has been called Beacon’s for years. The beach here, just like Grandview Beach the north beach in Leucadia State Beach and nearby Stone Steps Beach to the south, is tucked below the bluff where homes and condos are densely packed. A narrow trail with three switchbacks descends the bluff face. Beacons Beach has a small parking lot on Neptune Avenue between Jasper Street and West Leucadia Boulevard a couple blocks west of Highway 101 in the Encinitas neighborhood of Leucadia. This lot is often full and getting a parking spot near the beach access is usually a problem. Surfers and sunbathers are the main users, but if you just need to take off your shoes and walk on a beach this one is great. Just be aware that during high tides the beaches in this area are very narrow or all wet.

Address: 948 Neptune Avenue Encinitas, CA 92024

Park Name: Leucadia State Beach

Owner: State Park

Other Names: Beacon Beach

Activities: Surfing, Sunbathing, Beachcombing, Beach Walking

Amenities: No Facilities

Pet Policy: No dogs allowed on the beach

Fees: Free parking



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