The Beaches of San Diego -TYSON STREET BEACH



Tyson Street Beach, also known as Tyson Street Park, is within walking distance of the Oceanside Pier. Lifeguard Tower 5 is located here. Since the park is just a few feet from the beach, it is great for picnics. Stairs are provided for beach and park access from Pacific Street. Due to crowds in this area during the summer months, it is necessary to prohibit surfing here for the safety of swimmers and waders. The area will be marked with a black ball flag, checkered flag and swim-surf signs. 

Facilities: Wide grassy play yard, picnic tables, benches, playground, snack stand (in the summer months only), restrooms, showers, and public phone.

Parking: Pay parking lot located where Seagaze meets South The Strand, while metered parking is available on Pacific Street. Two handicapped parking spaces are available on The Strand.

Tyson Street Beach Map


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