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When we met with Mark and Diane they were ready to divorce – but not ready to divorce their home.  They both loved their home so much that neither wanted to part with it.  Diane believed the house’s floor plan and big backyard were perfect for the daycare business she wanted to start, and Mark loved his five-minute commute to work.  Neither could afford to buy the other out, so their divorce – and lives – were stalled.  Diane’s attorney, a friend of ours, suggested the couple call and talk to us.

Before we met, we did a thorough review of all the homes for sale in their area, and found a two-bedroom townhome in a great, small complex just seven minutes from Mark’s office.  We also researched two houses that could meet Diane’s criteria, in an older, more affordable neighborhood.  When we put these ideas, and specifically, these properties in front of them they agreed it was time to let us help them explore all their options, list their home, and move on with their lives.


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